Saturday, February 20, 2010

Challenge moved to later date.

I just wanted to say sorry to all of you out there who were interested in the February challenge that I blogged about at the end of last month. Things have been hectic and there has been some very stressful events I've had to deal with which have kept me from blogging and organising this challenge. George our new baby rabbit is holding on to dear life and we've had to give him some intensive care. Our house renovations and my work load at the moment have also been very overwhelming and time consuming. I am sorry to have to post pone the challenge and anyone who has been waiting for an inviation to join I'm sorry that it's taken so long. I haven't checked emails for quite some time now.

Please keep up the great work and keep posting your wonderful crochet work. I'll let you all know when things get better here and then we can get back to the challenge etc.

Thank you so much
Kathy Ann


  1. Kathy,
    I'm sorry to hear things have not been great for you :-( Keep positive and keep strong.

  2. Kathy, no problem about the challenge - family first - hope all goes well for you.

  3. Dearest Kathy Ann, First, thanks for reviving the crochet along. I truly enjoy seeing all the beautiful projects everyone is making and then, thanks for letting us know what is going on. I'm hoping that all will be better for you in no time!

  4. Kathy.. take it easy...
    don't push yourself... I hope everything is ok now.