Tuesday, January 19, 2010

World’s Biggest Crochet Hook


Lady using her body to crochet giant yarn
Crochet fans will be amazed at this art installation recently created at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Using her entire body as the crochet hook, the artist has created a huge pod big enough to sleep in.
The artist is known as rockpool candy, and is what she calls a fibre activist. The giant formation is crocheted from thin plastic tubing showing that you really can crochet from just about anything.  The crochet hook is, in fact, the artist's entire body.
This is probably the craziest crochet you will ever have seen. It makes you realise you can crochet with just about anything.
Why stop at dainty crochet, when chunkier yarns give fantastic effects too. As long as you have a big enough hook, you can crochet with anything. Try Rowan Biggy Print with a 20mm hook. Move over traditional, and make way for experimental crochet.

Source: Coats Crafts UK


  1. Yes this is brilliant, I have seen it before. Clever Lady!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. Wow that is amazing! I sooo love crochet. :-)

  3. Hi: Thank looks like real fun. I wish I knew how to crochet. Blessings, Martha

  4. Thanks for posting such interesting crochet news, so cool!

  5. was just thinking we should do a 'what can you crochet with' challenge. see what unusual things we can crochet with, I was thinking I would try spaghetti hehehehe edible crochet!

  6. Yup, that's RockpoolCandy. She's amazing. I got to work with her when she came to Portland Oregon and used the world's biggest REAL wood crochet hook, Diplohookticus Jimbosei!

    Oh and Kathy Ann, that's a fantastic idea! I don't crochet but I'd love to watch you make something with spaghetti. Or how about long hair? Could you crochet a stocking cap from the wearer's hair?

  7. Hey....I am looking for a crochet hat the size that rockpool candy has done and would happily pay someone to do it...its this possible anywhere? I know the colour I want but not sure how to manke it that big!!

    Any ideas - harper450@hotmail.com

  8. This is amazing I'd like to do something like that i order to take all my cats there, I think it would be the perfect house or bed for my cats.