Thursday, July 8, 2010

A few little bits

I love the texture of these crochet balls it reminds me of coral, they have been a huge hit with me kids as indoor novelties and it sure beats the football being used inside! It begins with a chain of 2 and 6-7 DC (australian pattern or SC US) in the 2nd chain from hook. Then turn and 2SC in each stitch, then turn and keep repeating and voila!  I think a bowl of these would fantastic as a home decoration.

The hat is a little pattern I have been churning out like nothing, just a classic little style that has been around for oh so ever!


  1. Lovely things and often just what you need

  2. Cute hat and I agree a bowl of them would be nice on the coffee table and when bored you could start a game of catch anytime. Beats the heck out of glass ones especially if you have toddler visitors!