Sunday, September 6, 2009

My first Post

I have been able to crochet for most of my life but my skills have been relatively low. This year I have challenged myself and made a number of things including tried and trusty granny square rugs! I also made some fingerless gloves and followed a pattern!!!!!
So without further ado, and hopefully no more technical glitches (I lost my first post)....

Now these became this.....

This rug was for a young woman who lost her parents and sibling in the Victorian bushfires. I originally started this rug as a scrap rug and planned to use whatever was laying around, but it became these colour. In fact the photo does not do it justice, it really wasn't this garish. I hated the yellow centre and really regretted it, so I made some roses and sewed them into the centre piece.

And I will leave you with these gloves that I made.

thank you for looking, I would love to hear what you think!


  1. I think your blankets are lovely...I hope the pretty pink one brings comfort to its recipient. Poor girl. I really like your fingerless gloves too ~ I'd love to know the name of the pattern. =]

  2. Hi!

    I love the stuff your making... I looked at the first picture and thought it was an afghan.
    What kind of yarn do you use for a rug?

    I love the blocks... I'm making a bunch of Granny Squares I WANT to use for a sweater. They are LITTLE Granny Squares.

    What is the stitch called on your fingerless gloves... Those are very pretty.

    ~ Susan

  3. Wow...I really love your projects here. What a nice thing to do for that gal. I know she will enjoy it. I love the pink one the best and what a great idea adding the flower. Lovely projects and keep up the beautiful work. Makes me want to make a granny square afghan.

  4. Your blanket are lovely - I really like the colour you choose for the granny squares - and your gloves are so elegant and delicate!

  5. I really like the look of your blanket and the colors look very good even if I usually do not love pink looking. I would love to copy this way of put colors. Brava ciao

  6. I love your granny squares blanket, the colours are sulime. There is something so timeless about granny square isn't there. Enjoy the crocheting and keep posting best wishes.

  7. Your first blog is indeed a beautiful one! Love your granny squares and your fingerless gloves.

    Your crochet is so gorgeous -- the jewel tone colors & the meaning behind each stitch is what truly holds these projects together.

  8. such beautiful projects !
    I particularly love the colors of the first one...
    and ... WELCOME !!!

  9. Miss Prudence you are indeed a busy girl-not only are you doing all these different crafts but your blogging about them too! LOVE the colours in your granny square blanket.I love crocheting but have done none for years, a few weeks ago I decided I had to crochet something, luckily I couldn't decide what to do because I really don't have time to do anything else at the moment.Probably should avoid looking at this blog too, i that case!!